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Why it works?

Mordern EyeGlasses.. what are they?

Today’s prescription lenses are commonly made from plastic, including CR-39. To make them, a liquid plastic is baked for long periods in special forms, solidifying the liquid to create a lens.

Then polycarbonate lens were discovered (born from the space race in the 1960′s) which is a thermoplastic that starts out as small pellets which are heated until they melt.

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Howe to use It?

  1. Stir creme and then apply to both sides of the lens by wiping it on with the Q-tip.  Use the creme generously, but do not allow it to drip.  Let it sit on the lens for 4 -5 minutes.  NOTE: The crème (not the rubbing) removes the coatings.

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Testimonials from Our Customers

92.5% Positive FEEDBACK ON Ebay

“I just got your product and it worked great! exactly as you described, it removed the lens coatings and they are like new.  they had the spider web effect ” – Ebay Reviews

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Perhaps it was genetics, but whatever the reason, everyone in Ross’ family needed glasses and someone was always frustrated by the inevitable scratches that would appear on the lens.

Glasses were (are) expensive and with everyone wearing them, it was not possible to always buy a new pair every time they got scratched.

So, we were always trying some new home remedy to remove the scratches – with very limited success.  You can review 14 of those home remedies on another page of this website.

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